40 Before 40

Im 25. Thats not old, I get that, but these are suggestions for what I would like to do be I turn 40. If you can help to make them happen feel free to contact me.

  1. Learn how to skip rocks
  2. Pedal a pedal boat
  3. Whale watching
  4. Randomly buy a ticket and go somewhere random not knowing what i will do til i get there
  5. Grand canyon  June 2015, on our way westward
  6. Learn a 3rd language
  7. If life gets too life-like, take a vacation by myself to just be with the LORD and meditate on HIM, tell people about HIm, be lead by HIM
  8. Become semi- proficient in ASL (A's in ASL I and ASL II; Sept. 2011- May 2012)
  9. Make my own article of clothing and actually wear it
  10. Epic road trip  May-June 2015
  11. Take a graphic design class
  12. Actually learn to play the piano, not just youtube
  13. Go back to Oregon  August 2015
  14. See sun rise on east coast and the sun set on the west coast on the same day
  15. Attempt to surf
  16. Get a bob hair cut
  17. Read a book in a day (The Magicians Nephew; May 14,2012)
  18. Write a guest post of someone's blog (read it here) (and here)
  19. Be asked to speak somewhere (stonecreek, feb 2013 and oasis june 2013)
  20. Empower women for the Gospel and by the Gospel 
  21. Camp in a real tent, in the real woods, with a real camp fire then play the guitar and sing around it (June 2014, with brian and isaiah)
  22. Bonfire on the beach
  23. Lead worship (done in mexico city 3/2013-12/2013)
  24. Not cry, but celebrate when i turn thirty
  25. Paint something nice and hang it up (currently hanging up in Brians apartment)
  26. Tell my mom how much i appreciate it and love her
  27. When Adriel gets older, make him a book of how i remember his childhood
  28. Buy a house
  29. Go on a cruise
  30. Visit Western Europe
  31. Get married and have a morning/early morning or mid-day reception  (May 18, 2014)
  32. Have children Nehemiah Andronic, born February 28, 2015
  33. Hiking (Mexico, La Puri summer 2014)
  34. Zip lining
  35. Star gaze, legit style (El Salvador March 2012)
  36. Go back to the Puri and take a white person with me  (July/Aug 2014, Brian)
  37. Learn how to shoot a real gun ( i half accomplished this with Brian in October of 2012) May 2015 in Michigan
  38. Visit Eastern Europe November 2014, Romania
  39. Take wonderful pictures with the SLR camera that I will buy someday (Brain bought it for me. See pictures here.)
  40. Be the best maid of honor for my sister

Before i breathe my last breath:

  1. Die tired
  2. Give 'til i have nothing left to give, and then give some more
  3. Have smile wrinkles when I'm old
  4. Spend my life for the LORD
  5. Never become too rich with money, but become rich with love, beauty, memories, joy, blessings, mourning and courage
  6. Dirty feet (metaphorically)


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