What I Won't Buy for Baby #2

Next month, I'll be two years into this whole motherhood thing. Can you believe it? Nehemiah will be two next month-- that was fast. The learning curve on this motherhood thing is huge, and I'm no professional, but I have a good idea of what works and does not work for our family. Here is a list of this things we won't be buying for baby number 2-- by the way I'm pregnant, due late April- early May.

*baby towels
So these things are super cute. I mean, they come with hoods and are usually fashioned after and an animal, but have you felt them? They are SO thin and not very absorbent. I'd rather invest in a fluffy cotton towel, and call it a day.

Again, super cute, and the one we had for Nehemiah was beautifully hand woven from somewhere in Europe (thanks Tia Vanessa, she lent it to us). It was useful, but than it wasn't, because lets get serious, we are a co-sleeping breastfeeding family. Nehemiah did not spend much time in the bassinet, especially with the Mamaroo and extra arms always available.

*baby wipes
We cloth diaper, so these are pretty much a given. We use cloth wipes and a diaper spray, but for some reason last time I felt the need to keep buying baby wipes. That is, until I made my own disposable baby wipes, more economical, more organic (whatever that means), and they smell better thanks to essential oils.

*baby mittens
My dear mom insisted on knitting Nehemiah some and I lost them in a matter of seconds-- not lying. Think keeping track of baby socks is hard? Add to that mittens and you spend all your time looking for tiny baby accessories. Also, I personally like for my baby to explore the use of their hands, even at the cost of a few scratches.

*baby tub
We bought a puj tub and I was so excited to use it, but we were severely underwhelmed with our experience. Usually Brian ended up bathing Nehemiah in the sink or we took a bath with him. We might give the puj tub another try this time around, but its not likely that it will get much use.

This list is not exhaustive as we also don't buy diapers (okay, we sometimes do but not very many), pacifiers, bottles, sippie cups, boogie wipes, etc. because we cloth diaper, don't use pacificers, and exclusively breastfeed.

All things not said in judgement if you use or buy these things, our family just does without :)

I plan on posting again in a few days with a short list of things we hope to get with baby number two that we did without with Nehemiah.

lots of love,



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