What I Will Buy for Baby #2, sorry Nehemiah

Last week, I posted about, What I Won't Buy with Baby #2, and I thought it would be helpful to also post a short list of things we will buy for baby #2, that we didn't have with Nehemiah.

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am a wiser mom, not the wisest. And after two years, a better mom, not the best, but certainly the most adequate for our family, as the Lord saw fit. In these two years I've seen MANY baby items that certainly would've made life with itty bitty baby Nehemiah easier.

I did without these items my first time around, so, technically, I could probably do without them the second time around the block, but why make my life harder? I mean, a two year old and and newborn/infant is hard enough, right?

(the links are to our amazon baby registry)

Nehemiah was super stuffy his first winter and I assume babies usually are in the winter, and it doubles as white noise machine. This specific one is a night light too, 3 in 1, sign me up!

Nehemiah circa 6 months
*car seat cover
With Nehemiah we did the whole throw a blanket over the car-seat deal. We also had this super hot, hot as in warm, wool car seat cover/warmer with a zipper, and both did NOT work for us. One was too breezy and the other was like a sauna, literally, Nehemiah would sweat through his clothes. The stretchy types of covers gained popularity in the past year and moms seem to love them. Plus, it doubles as a nursing cover (hands up emoji),

*baby monitor
Two years ago we were in a tiny apt. and then we left on our Epic Road Trip West when Nehemiah was 3 months old. We couldn't justify buying a baby monitor when 90% of the time we were in the same room with Nehemiah or one wall away. This time around, I have a feeling a baby monitor will come in handy. Not only because we live in a bigger place, but because two kids. I still can't justify a fancy video one, nor one that links to your phone, but the simple but trusted baby monitors, I can get on board with.

*ring sling
One of my favorite things to do when Nehemiah was an infant was to carry him in my Solly Baby wrap, and I will for sure use it with baby #2, but another baby carrier would make things easier because different situations call for different baby carriers, am I right? Also, side note, we are thinking of getting a structured carrier (LILLE Baby Carrier) so that when baby #2 gets bigger we can carry them forward facing and/or on our backs.

As I have touched on before, we are co-sleepers all the way, but this sweet item would just make it better. It is a "docking station" whatever that means. In my own words, its a way for the baby not to fall off the bed. Well, that is what I assume it will do. It might end up making co-sleeping harder and a nuisance but the reviews convinced me to want it. I am a sucker for good reviews.
Baby #2 bump 25ish weeks
There are a few more things we are considering giving a chance this time around, but these are the bigger things.

Any momma's out there have any input?

Up next week: baby products I LOOOOOVEEEE. Yay!


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