Turns Out, We're Pretty Crafty

Since traveling is pretty much our middle name, Brian and I spend pretty much all hours of the day together. Although, I take more breaks than necessary, we start, do, and finish all things together.

Last week, we took on pillow making. My aunt needed throw pillows for her huge but empty couch. I took color suggestions from her and we pinned a little bit. Then, I informed Brian about our new project. Like a true champ, he also accepted the challenge and the next day we dove in.

Working on and off, it took us a few days, and also a few trips to the fabric store. Then some Pinterest searches and some pieces of advice from my mom later, we finished them. Boy did we learn a lot, and if we may say so ourselves, they look awesome (as my mom put it).

We learned heaps about sewing, and planning (I learned, Brian taught on the planning subject). We saw the differences in how we approach a problem, chose to see each others side and decided to love each other even more deeply.

Hopefully, we have the pleasure of making more stuff that way you win and we win. You-- the customer-- gets a handmade product, and we get to learn more about one another.

Mushy stuff aside, if you need a pillow or anything really let us know, we will make it for you. The colors, designs and sizes are up to you.

Here are pictures of the pillows:

These are the fronts

 These are the backs:

We made the pillows and the pillowcases that way they are washable and family friendly.

Email byandronic@gmail.com if you would like to order something.


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