brainstorming ------

Brian is away and somehow it is just as hard to concentrate around here, but i managed to get some brainstorming in for the blog-- finally.

There has been so much my heart has been dying to say since i was in Mexico city, and that was a over a year and a half ago. 

since i got back--9 months ago, i made a choice to forgive which changed my life, got married, left the country again, and now am pregnant.

Yet, when i want to share what i've learned/felt/experienced with those around me and with you all out there, there really aren't any concrete thoughts formed inside, and words don't make any sense when they come out.

So, i am still trying to put all those pieces together inside, in my mind, and in my heart. I know writing about is part of the process, so bare with me you all.

love you guys,

ps. also looking to revamp the look of the blog, so, also bare with my on that please.


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