The Risk in Yes & No

In November, I wrote a post about what The Lord was teaching me; I wrote a post about "yeses".

In the last three months, I've embraced saying "yes", and learned all about choices. 

Ironically, after learning about saying "yes", I ended up saying "no" along the way, and it has up-rooted my fragile life, up-rooting all those around me. For rarely, does the farmer up-root only one plant without at least disturbing (in a good way) the others. Now, He is replanting, and sowing again what He has been sowing all along.

The power if it all, God'd grace through it all, has left me strewn across life's floor sobbing with gratitude time and time again.

And the English language fails me when attempting to express it all, but I will try.

There is equal power in a "yes" & a "no".   

God gave us the power of choice. 

The mind weighs the risk and reward, contemplating on the immense impact that lies inside such small words, differentiated in length by one letter, but differentiated in life by lightyears. 

The uncertainty in decisions gives potential and might to each "yes" and "no". Risk, it is deeply imbedded in each mental debate between "yes" and "no". The verdict we come to will be a step forward along a path, a step backwards, a step in place, or on a step unto a new path --sometimes a combination of sorts; risk in going forward, risk in going back, risk in staying the same, and risk in change.

Risk, we called unto it. What will we risk?

We are called unto risk only because we are called unto faith. 

The crux of a Christian walk, I believe, lies not in what we risk, (safety, money, comfort, life, assists, friendships, family etc.) but in the reality that we are risking it all and risking it all, all the time.

Risking it all

Risking it all in love; risking it all to love. Risking it all to love The Lord-- in all the ways He calls us to--, and to love others, knowing that they may not know what love looks like and reject us, and knowing that they might not want anything to do with love. (We do that to The Lord all the time.)

Consider the risk; choose love, always choose love

Sometimes it plays differently depending on if you say "yes" or "no" to the lingering question in your mind. Because sometimes saying "yes" is choosing love, and in the same situation saying "no" is also choosing love-- so you can't go wrong, and that makes it harder.

And my advice is,

Be faithful & firm in the "yes" or the "no", but always loving & expectant of an interested God to use the "yes" & the "no" for redemption. 

And then, listen once more, for He turns "yeses" into "noes" and "noes" into "yeses". And then you loved in choosing "no" and in choosing "yes".

Oh, The Lord knows what He does.


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