Sometimes we fight & claw our way to a place where we can say "yes" to God, not because we know we should say "yes" but because our very bones desire it.

And sometimes, after a long time of "yeses", He changes the question, and we say "yes" again. 

But we don't choose "yes" because its easy, because its not, its gut wrenchingly difficult to say "yes" to God and it takes insurmountable courage to continue choosing "yes". And it takes courage because He requires every piece of our being--everything that we unknowingly hold unto.

And so, I like to say that we always have a choice. As true blood bought children of God we have two choices, choose what is "good" or choose what is "best".

So, the reason we say yes again, is because it is what is best for us. We say "yes" because we have been awakened to the beauty that we find in Jesus when we choose "yes". the faithfulness He shows, even in the messiness of it all,  is even more difficult to bypass-- once you have fully experienced it.

And we learn the Lord has used the "yeses" that our hearts have spoken and graciously He has changed the very eyes through which we see things.

And the Lord is good, that's why He changes the question, BUT our answer should never change.

Will you say "yes"? Yes, to the invitation from our Savior. Yes, to what He is requiring of you. Yes, to what He wants you to leave behind.


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