Settling: A Matter of the Heart

Im convinced that the best way to guard your heart is to not settle. I don't say this in only regard to romantic love. No, I mean don't settle in anything or for anything. Believe me, I am preaching this to myself.

Don't settle for a life that wasn't meant to be yours. Don't let fear rule you. Don't let it start to whisper the dangers of becoming. The process and the end result are unknown, uncharted, and undiscovered, but only because you've sat on the sidelines for most of your life. The fear is there, I get it, and its big, I know, but its an illegitimate fear in comparison to He who is on your side.

I have this prayer that I always pray for myself and for those I love. It goes a little like this,

Give me the courage to rise up. 
Give me the audacity to become who You created me to be.
I don't need all this lesser stuff that I've chosen all my life.
They've gotten me nowhere.
I want what You want for me, 
and settling is not the way to get there.
Yeah, I have no idea what this not settling business looks like
but I'm choosing to not settle because I am choosing You.
In Jesus Name, 

There will be heartache, there always is, but guarding your heart is more about becoming and sprouting up in love than hiding from everything that brings risk. The risk is in staying the same.

Would you join me then? Would you join me and lay down your life? Only to arise as a learner who learns from the Father who/what we are? I warn you though, this will upset some or even a lot of people along the way, but you must weigh the cost.

We cannot fully follow Christ without laying down our lives. So lay it down, the fear, the preconceived notions, the whispers, the expectations of others, lay it all down. When we finally put to death our old selves we burst out of the grave clothed in promise, radient with light, and with a new voice. 

That new voice will be unfamiliar, but it is a timbre the Lord has been longing to hear. It will be beautiful and all-together exciting for Him. It will become a roar with His training, and I assure you, you will roar His praise.

Come, un-guard your heart.

I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of; for to have been thought about, born in God’s thought, and then made by God is the dearest, grandest, and most precious thing in all thinking.

--C.S. Lewis

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