To my lovely readers,

I am grieved that I have not written in almost two months.

It has been a whirlwind two months in which, I graduated college, packed all my stuff up, and moved back home. I also have been given the privilege of spending time with my family and with my best friend. In late January, I will be starting a 3 week nanny position. I also have been busy preparing for the Lord's work for me in Mexico. Part of which includes a week in Florida starting this Sunday Jan. 13. In the midst of all this, I have been learning so much from different encounters that the LORD has ordained.

Mostly, I have been listening and learning that the small things can become big things when God is involved.*

The LORD has been working so powerfully, and I realize it is not because He suddenly got a surge of power, but because He is always moving in deep ways; I am the one who becomes blind to them. He is always faithful and is always moving whether or not I am involved or aware. That is just how GREAT our God is.

He is most worthy.

I'm going to direct you all to my tumblr where I give random updates like this, and I am promising y'all a blog post by January, 20-- I work best when deadlines are involved.

I love you all dearly, and will be back soon.


As promised, this is the link to my tumblr.

* none of these reasons are excuses


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