Learning to have Courage and the Courage to Unlearn

I am learning and unlearning all at the same time. How gracious and merciful the LORD is to not only let me grow like this, but to encourage me to unlearn the cruelness and pain of bondage and to grasp with all my might the freedom He gives.

The beautiful unearthing that goes on in the learning/unlearning continuum with the LORD is determined by our willingness to obey and our intentions act. To respond differently is to have learned, or in some cases, to respond differently is to have unlearned. The difference can be minuscule or it can grand but there must be a difference.

Recently, I am discovering that courage is something that must I decide to have. Yes, I must will it, but at the same time, it is not something that I muster on my own; no. I decide to have it and trust fully, deeply, all the way into my bones, that the LORD will be my courage and my strength not because I deserve it or because I can, but because He said He would be. 

He will be my courage, and strength  defender, and shield because He said so, but also because He loves. And because I am His, He wants me to overcome; He bids me to overcome. I know and He knows that the enemy loves to leave me there at about half-way to a decision, right at fork in the road of a mental acknowledgement that leads to half-heartedness and actual heartfelt conviction that leads to obedience. It is there that I become my worst enemy. 

It takes courage to learn, and courage to unlearn. It take courage to love; it takes courage to obey; it takes courage to wait; it take courage to feel deeply; it takes courage to sacrifice; it takes courage to truly believe; and it takes courage to serve, all things that my mighty Father asks of me.

So, no, I will not stop half-way to anything, especially not courage. 

What are you learning/unlearning?


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