To Be Truly Seen

You see. You really see. You don't look, You see. 

With one glance You see all of me, and all that I am, and yet, You keep Your gaze fixed on me. My failures are not enough to make You turn away in disappointment. My sins do not make You look away in disgust. And Lord You never ever look past me. To You I am enough to capture Your gaze. 

You look right at me. With Your eyes of fire, You see me. There is compassion in the fire ablaze in Your eyes, and there is justice. Most importantly, in Your eyes I see Your glory. How can those eyes that reflect Your glory bare to behold me?

O' the blood that makes this possible.

You do not look past me, You do not dimiss me. I do not understand how that could be. I do not know what it feels like to be appreciated. When Your eyes come to rest upon me, I turn away in response to You loving gesture. I cannot indulge in Your love for me because to me it seems too far fetched and so unfamiliar. I  do not understand Your love for me. I do not see the value You see.

After I turn away in shame from your gaze, You take a step towards me. Without Your eyes wavering from me, You come closer and closer. Without the fire Your eyes flickering, You arrive near me.

Suddenly, I feel You over me and even though I am frightened and trembling, I am intrinsically beckoned to turn to see the very thing inspiring my tears and shame. I turn, with tears flooding down my dirty face, and I see that You are still looking at me, in me, and then the most unexpected thing happens.

Your calloused, dirty, pierced, bloody beautiful hands reach out and touch me. Because You are still looking at me, You see my ache, my need to be embraced, and You see my fear of who You are. Those two feelings exist in perfect balance as if that is how I was created to feel. I settle with in myself that the embrace is well worth the fear and whatever could come after.

By the time I realize that I've come to a decision on what to do, Your embrace fills up all that I am. It touches everything inside my bones. It touches all that was holding me back. It touches all that I am in You. All the lies are no more; in reverence they flee. Your touch is beyond what I can bare, but I do not dare to let go, for the unbearable feeling is far better than the absence of it. Aware of that struggle, You still took a step towards me. You know Yourself and You know me. You know what You are doing, You always do.

Ohhhh, You know.
Ohhhh, You still know.
Ohhhh, You will always know.
Ohhhh, You are; You see.


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