Love to love.

This post is written from the raw tender pieces of my heart. A heart that at times I do not recognize because it has been transformed by Jesus in ways that I am still learning to understand.

The best thing I can do for another is love them.

Love them enough to desire a true revelation of who Jesus is for them. Love them enough to be unselfish. Love them enough to let them grow. 

Love them enough to become a better version of myself, so that in turn, I can love them even better.

Love them, to not love them, but Christ in them. Love them to not hold anything against them--no mental and emotional regurgitation of bitterness and resentment. Love them to inspire the joy and the peace of Christ in them.

Love, to love them from afar. Love enough to step into the background and gaze at the power of God transform them; and love to not turn my back, but stand to watch with overflowing joy and gratitude for the faithfulness of God.

Love enough to eclipse fear of heartbreak. Love to love fully. Love to love recklessly. Love, to love.

Love enough.
Love, to love.


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