How We Mess Up Relationally

Our relationships with people should be different than the worlds'.
Worldliness works day & night to be able to boast and accuse that it has made its way into our lives. And sadly, it manages to do so more than we think it. It slithers in the insecurities of the heart and manifests itself in how we relate to people.
Isn’t that exactly what Jesus warned us against. He told us to love our enemies; yet, we so humbly brag about how we love on those who love us, but what about the others?
Aren’t relationships defined by tick marks exactly the opposite of who the church is.
What are we doing?
John Piper said this, "True love pursues a person's lasting good. But the one loved may not care about this good. Thus love may feel unloving"

Are we being loved in such a heartfelt, Christ-like way that comparison and selfishness allow lies to proclaim, "you are unloved."

Are we loving in such a deep and pure way that our love paradoxical?

We have the best example of love in Christ so...
...I ask again, What are we doing?


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