Potter's Hands

There are so many things we tackle as living, breathing, mistake-prone, satisfaction seeking bodies. We frantically forage through blogs, texts, conversations, media, words, and thoughts in hope of finding some sort of authenticity that will sink into our bones and ignite life; we look for inspiration.

Daily, we plow on, trying to pick out the half truths and believe the true half. 

BUT, we forget to remember that a lie is void of truth. Even if it seems to have a tiny glimmer of sincerity. The deceiving shine that radiates from it is fools gold. No attention must be paid to it because if it held any real value, it would not be galavanting as a lie.

I urge the Body to do this:
We must get over compromise, have no part with it. Our worth must not stem from a settlement with this world.

Our Savior is infinite, passionate or strong, and still, our perception of the world, our lives, and our purpose lies in a strange limbo between, "not now", white lies, half truths, and momentary sight.

This is where I could rant about how we must not really believe who JESUS is because if we did there would be no in between, but I don't think thats the only problem here.

Yes, if your faith is tepid  then the heavy but Glorious truth of what JESUS did and who He is hasn't really settled into the deepness of your being. 

With that realization, our whole world view changes. The flimsy ground beneath our feet is replaced by unshakeable ground. Our hearts once shattered by pain are made whole in an arrangement so unfamiliar that we must rediscover what it means to be alive. The truth of CHRIST changes how we see ourselves. 

THAT is what I think we so often ignore in disbelief.

The LORD calls us vessels in the Old and New Testament. He even calls us broken cisterns in Jeremiah 2:13.

So maybe the reason why middle ground looks appealing is because we believe the vessel to be broken beyond repair. We see ourselves through unredeemed eyes and can't make sense of how this whole Grace and redemption thing works.

If an instrument is broken or if a piece of machinery is broken we blame the manufacturer. How can we go on believing the TRUTHS of our God when we think He created a damaged being.

NEWS flash, He didn't. In creation, we were proclaimed to be very good by the Creator. Then we fell and sin entered in and so, the damage began. When we are born again we are seen as righteous, we are new... we are HIS.

We are HIS vases, His pots, His jars of clay (2 Cor. 4:7-12).

If the LORD is molding, and moving, breaking and shaping then, it means He is near. We should be fully confident that God can use us, not because we are vessels, but because through His Grace & provision, He has made us in the shapes and sizes that He deems useful.

We are useful because He is in us. Valued because He has molded us, and strong because through fire He has built up our faith.

The Potter's hands must be so beautiful. 
Rugged & humble, not delicate or lofty. 
Callused and dirty, every wrinkle filled with pieces of those He has broken, pressed, redeemed, reshaped, and restored. 
His fingers nimble enough for delicate work, but steady enough to carve out blemishes. 
His knuckles scraped and torn, proof of His endless dedication. 
His palms scarred from shattered pieces, dry blood proof of His love.
The Potter's hands are enduring, never ceasing to work on His creations. 
The Potter's hands are strong, they are holding me.


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