Where I am & I where 'm not

I figured this would be an appropriate first post. I wrote it in late August, but it is a good introduction to where I am at physically and spiritually.
The Lord has me in a completely different place than even a month ago.. He has moved me to the poppin’ side of campus after having sheltered myself in quaint and quiet opposite-side.
I do not doubt the divine Being that brought me to this four bedroom apt in the middle of frat. row with my balcony on-looking frat. park. I will not waste my life like i did my freshman year here, when i clung to every familiar thing only to find that i was actually grasping at emptiness and not at Jesus Christ. My first year here I chose not to believe that the LORD had me here so my focus, my mission, my mind, my heart was elsewhere. And honestly, im not really sure where it was at. It was in things that change, that falter, that fail. It was when i embraced the reality i was made for more than the things that so easily change, that i truly embraced Jesus. It was then that i believed that i was at the school for a reason. Yes, i am passing through because my identity is not found on this campus or my education, but it was that I had enough faith to trust that Jesus had me here that He began to use me.
Now, in my junior year i know i am supposed to be here and i will not waste one more day even entertaining the thought that im not supposed to be in apt. 219. Nope, that thought is gone, in the Name of Jesus. I will not waste my knowledge, experiences, my story, my Jesus, His grace, His love, His mercy by keeping it to myself. What is all that i know, if it is not shared with the lost, the broken, the hurting, the poor, it is nothing. James 2:18
In Jesus Name.

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